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Client testimonials

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal with every meal. Read what our clients said about us and their catering experience.

"Choosing to use Tobago Catering was one the best decisions of my group's trip to Tobago. The chef was extremely nice and accommodating, and the food was excellent. My group consisted for 13 people, including individuals who were vegetarians or did not eat pork and the chef happily accommodated everyone's dietary needs. I highly suggest to anyone traveling to Tobago to use Tobago Catering, excellent prices, excellent food, and friendly people. Not much more to ask except to show up and eat without having to worry about shopping for groceries, cooking, and cleaning up. "
- Michael, USA

"The food was VERY impressive. We enjoyed every bite. The appetizers were extremely tasty. Presentation was excellent. Phillip will definitely reach places. I will definitely recommend Over 'D' Fence / Tobago Catering to anyone that asks. "
- Nicki, Trinidad

"Over 'D' Fence baked a surprise cake for my fiancee. What we got was a beautifully prepared, rich sumptuous cake that feed about twenty-something plus people and it was delicious!"
- Gervais, Tobago

"I came to Tobago for a holiday with my family. We stayed at a private villa and had Phillip cooking for us for 4 full days; breakfast, lunch and dinner. The variety of food was great, and every meal was amazing. Our kids, who are usually a bit picky, absolutely loved his cooking."
- Lise, UK